Letter: So many to take a bow

This is a thank you note to all who worked so hard to make the rebirth of the Miller Theater an amazing reality. The list is so long that it would be impossible to write everyone. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to all of you.


Going way back, thank yous go to Mike Deas, Tricia Hughes and others who wore Miller T-shirts and Miller badges to every Augusta Commission meeting, trying hard to get SPLOST funding for the Miller renovation.

Thank yous go to all who serve and have served on the Miller board and the Symphony Orchestra Augusta board through the years – all of you like Phil Caldwell, for instance, who from the start did the difficult due diligence work to see if such an undertaking was possible.

Thank you to the Symphony Guild, to historians, bankers and lawyers who helped with every challenge that was presented. Thank you, to fundraisers and fund-givers, to hundreds of volunteers such as Angela Maskey, for instance, who have given their wisdom and time for years to make this rebirth happen.

Thank you to the SOA staff and the Miller Theater staff who have burned the midnight oil with work overload.

Thank you to the architects, the acoustician, to the friendly and extremely competent employees of the Christman Co.

Thank you to all who made the gala party so beautiful, especially Julie Harison and Martha Long.

My thank yous could go on and on, but I’ll stop with my thank you to Levi Hill IV, who tirelessly inspired, worked, led and cheered the whole project on to success. Now, with the rebirth of the Miller, the refurbished Imperial, and the hope of the Morris Museum of Art moving to Broad Street, Augusta’s Art District is on the way!

Thank you, Augustans, for supporting the revitalization of our vibrant community!

Pat Knox-Hudson




Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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