Letter: Honor leaders, past, present

Several weeks ago, I returned to my long-time home, the CSRA. While there, I viewed the Chronicle and saw the obituaries of Doug Barnard and Harold Mays.


Both were stalwarts in improving the Augusta area and serving those who needed help.

Mr. Mays was a quiet man who spent his time thinking and was paramount in giving the area a two-party political system. Doug Barnard was quiet also, and worked tirelessly for years improving his area, answering the requests of all persons of whatever political party.

Along with these two esteemed gentlemen, I reflected on the service of Bob Beckham and Don Cheeks, two long time players in politics, with a number of contests between the two. I knew both and they were about as accommodating to the public as an elected official could be.

There is pleasure in remembering these four accommodating men of my time, along with a sense of sadness about their passings.

One other I must recall is Johnny Isakson, one of the constructors of the GOP in Georgia. Although still serving, I did notice over the last day that his right hand was firm on a walking cane. He, I believe, is the only Georgian to serve in The Georgia House and Senate and the U.S. House and Senate; we call this the Grand Slam of Politics.

These five are, in my opinion, the leaders of my era, and their positions will not be easily filled. But there is hope for the present and future with those such as David Perdue, a comer in the U.S. Senate.

Let us honor those departed, while we respect and cooperate with the present servants.

K.G. Watson

Maggie Valley, N.C.



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