Letter: Going too easy on Trump

Subscriber since we moved to Augusta in 1999 when we were transferred to Fort Gordon. Retired in 2002 after 20 years of service in the Air Force. Conservative values with many things but would describe myself as moderate.


I say this as over the last year I am more and more appalled at your “Teflon” disposition on Trump’s behavior. Yes, there are instances in which the Chronicle has denounced it, but commonly it then turns to the bias of the media, Democrats, etc.

Yes, Donald Trump has done some great things as president, and I am as happy as the next person with the economy, stock market, etc. But why cannot we have both – a president who conducts himself in a dignified way with moral and ethical leadership, and a president who does great things with policy and execution of duties? For me, the moral and ethical backbone comes first.

Truly bothers me that you cannot focus on that and truly denounce and not distract from horrible behavior that indeed is racist in its words.

Mark Weinstein




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