What ‘we’ want, or ‘they’?

I hate politicians using the word “we.”


Mayor Davis said “we” need to do something for south Augusta. Marion Williams said “we” need a wow factor at Regency Mall.

Misters mayor and commissioner, can’t you proudly admit this is what you want and give convincing proof of your correctness? The citizens of Richmond County – we – have not asked for an arena nor have we committed to its funding. Augustans – we – surely have not demanded it be placed at Regency Mall.

By using the word “we,” a pretense of a universal solution to the eyesore at Regency is suggested. A solution that divides our city as this has should not be a fix “we” embrace.

Is this vision about uniting Augusta or a deception? Let’s look at the rendering commissioned by Mayor Davis. Pictured is much more than an arena. It appears we have a hotel, retail and professional buildings, surely a James Brown Museum and more. This vision rests on property “we” do not own and cannot buy. Mayor, have you made it clear while selling your vision that what “we” see is not what “we” are getting? If fact, not even close.

Mister mayor and commissioner, is this the masterpiece for revitalizing south Augusta? Our current arena is 40 years old. Has it invigorated that area between Walton Way and Telfair? After 40 years not one hotel, restaurant or retail outlet stands next to the Augusta Civic Center (aka JBA).

South Augusta has an area of at least 150 square miles. This mall site is 72 acres. Unless Mickey Mouse and the world’s highest roller coaster are included, this speculation conducted by the mayor smells of a bait-and-switch.

A solution to Regency Mall would improve Gordon Highway and be applauded by the entire city. But the current property owner is an adversary to this community. Cardinal Group is awaiting a sucker and I hope it is not we.

Barry Cook




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