Defending indefensible

I was shocked and appalled by the Jan. 13 editorial in the Augusta Chronicle (“A crude president, a callow media?”), subtitled “Reaction to Trump’s alleged profane comment is itself unsophisticated.”


The fact that the word “alleged” was used is hard to believe, when it was heard and passed on by so many who were there! I would say that the lack of sophistication is glaringly apparent in the words of the editorial!

The bias of the left-wing media cannot be blamed in this case for misquoting or over-emphasizing the crude and disgusting words of Donald Trump. In the same vein, the bias of the conservative press cannot and should not be used to smooth things over or shove the incident under the rug!

I write this letter as a person who is conservative, with a mind that is open and hopefully working full-time in this circus of a politically turbulent presidency. The fact is that each side of the liberal/conservative media, politicians, voters, protesters, and anyone else is biased to the “nth” degree. That doesn’t mean all liberals generate fake news, or all conservatives are morally on a high ground.

Donald Trump continues to act like a 5-year-old on steroids, egged on by his enormous ego and ambitions. Though he was elected by conservatives, he defies most conservative sensibilities, and his “me” button is certainly bigger than anyone else’s!

The fact that the Augusta Chronicle would try to ameliorate the sting of the filth spewing from Trump’s huge mouth, and express the belief that the legitimacy of his words were more important than their morally wretched sound, is truly the use of media bias. I beg you please don’t defend the indefensible again. There is no excuse that can change what was said!

Respectfully submitted,

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, S.C.



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