Letter: Out of the mouths of babes!

I read with interest Cal Thomas’ column of Jan. 15, “Be careful not to look to Washington – or Hollywood – for deliverance.”


It is sad that our nation is turning from the self-reliance of our immigrant great-great-grandparents and Native Americans to a divided nation of self-righteousness and self-indulgence.

I was gratified that near the end of his column, Mr. Thomas called out most elegantly why I can no longer identify myself, a child of conservative blue-collar workers, with the Democratic Party. Mr. Thomas nailed it when he wrote that “Politicians … promote dependence on government … because it increases their power.” It is for this very reason that I have abandoned the Democratic Party.

In my opinion, it is the unstated objective of the Democratic Party to maintain their power base by growing ever-larger neighborhoods of poverty by promoting dependence and discouraging self-reliance.

Recently a child, three months in foster care, was asked what he wanted to do when he grows up. His answer: “Sit on the couch.” When asked how he would make money to live, he replied “Nothing, It comes in the mail.” This, from a 7-year-old child, one of seven siblings removed from their single mother’s care because of horrendous neglect. As they say – out of the mouth of babes!

This attitude is a consequence of promoting dependence; a further consequence is the ever-increasing government expense of supporting families who have lost the ability to be self-reliant, take responsibility for their choices and raise children to be contributing members of society.

It is my opinion that the Democrats, like the Whigs, are a dying party. As they continue to focus on enabling poverty and dependence to increase their power base, more citizens will turn their backs on the idea of handouts without a hand-up.

Vicki Stearns




Sun, 02/18/2018 - 00:03

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