Letter: Enlist in this fight

The devastating effects of cancer have surely been no stranger to my family.


Both my dad (Peter, III) and his brother (my Uncle Boone) died of cancer. Each one suffered through his respective battle with this ruthless opponent.

My mom Pat faced the fears and uncertainties of cancer right after my birth in the early 1960s. Even an infant child could not be shielded from the worry that such a non-discriminating disease sows inside a home.

No matter your age, your gender, your race or your background, cancer can visit your family, too.

Earlier this month, I announced a $1 million gift to the Georgia Cancer Center; 2018 is going to be a transformative year for cancer care and research in Augusta, Ga.

Not only is the cancer center, where you can find a number of America’s top doctors, close to finding its new director, but its clinical trials program continues to treat cancer patients with breakthrough treatments, providing new hope and a greater understanding of this disease.

And later this year, when the expansion to the M. Bert Storey Research Building opens, it will bridge the gap between cancer research and cancer care.

While the cancer center is making great strides, all that research, the treatments and all that compassionate, supportive care doesn’t come cheap. That’s why I’d like to ask everyone in Augusta – and that’s Augusta writ very large – to contribute to the success of the Georgia Cancer Center mission. Every dollar can be used to improve the lives of patients.

Right here in Augusta.

The fact of the matter is, before 2018 ends, it’s likely that someone you know will be touched by this disease. Why not invest in making the diagnosis less prevalent and the impact less severe?

If we all work together to support the doctors and researchers and caregivers at the Georgia Cancer Center, we can build a better future for us all.

Peter Knox IV




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