Letter: Red lights a running problem

On Jan. 7, I was driving to Augusta Mall. I stopped at the Marks Church and Wrightsboro Red traffic light.


When it turned green, I drove on to cross Wrightsboro toward the mall. Suddenly, I felt a nasty jolt on the front right side hood of my car, and then a second hard hit on the left side; the safety bag hit me on my face.

Shocked, I pulled left hastily on to the curb, hit the brake pedal involuntarily, I think, and switched off the engine. I was not hurt. My cap and eyeglasses were missing, because of the jerk to my neck.

I unclicked the seatbelt and pulled myself out the car, my chest bones in pain. A woman’s voice was asking something on my Onstar, which I couldn’t catch, perhaps because of the shock. I saw some women running toward me for help. An elegant lady was asking me if I was hurt.

She asked for my phone to call my home. I remembered I had left it back at home. She pulled out hers and asked for my home number. I couldn’t remember. I was dazed. Another lady appeared and introduced herself as first responder. She too was very helpful. She managed to call my wife and daughter.

I’m indebted to Officer K.S. Harrell, from Georgia State Patrol, for his prompt response. He appeared within minutes of the crash. I’m also grateful to the lady who took the time to come to my help. If she is reading the letter, I wish her God bless. She appeared like an angel from nowhere.

After several inquiries from my insurance company, I notice running the red light is on the rise these days.

I have a suggestion: build speed breakers 10 yards away from the traffic light. A nasty bump will awake the drivers.

I miss my beautiful Buick LaCrosse. She’s a write-off.

Zia Rehman




Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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