Letter: Options to opioids

I am deeply concerned about the opioid crisis.


Having seen family members and friends deal with both chronic pain as well as addiction – leading in some cases to divorce and heartbreak – this is my No. 1 concern as a lifelong resident of Georgia.

I am also a Ph.D. organic chemist, having worked for NASA as well as serving on the faculty of Georgia Tech. I am deeply familiar with the latest scientific literature regarding pain control and pain medication.

Some studies point to the need for further research into the use of cannabinoids in medical pain management programs, urging the need for ongoing studies based on promising initial clinical findings. (See for example: “State of the evidence: Cannabinoids and cancer pain – A systematic review,” DOI: 10.1002/2327-6924.12422).

To my representatives, on allowing rigorously controlled clinical trials of cannabinoid-based pain management in the state of Georgia: We have in my hometown of Augusta one of the premier medical centers in the country – Augusta University, previously Medical College of Georgia. I’ve made so many trips to their Cancer Institute with my mother, who eventually passed away from her disease, and saw the pain she was suffering, and I saw the terrible side-effects of the opioid medication she was prescribed.

Georgia deserves a better option. Would you support medical research into this area?

Dr. Glen Brizius




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