Letter: More than roadkill

I was born and raised in the South and love it, mostly. I find it very sad that our laws for animals are not very good ones. Some other states have far more humane laws and penalties for abusers.


So I’m reading this story about a lady walking a dog in Augusta, and comes upon this horrific scene of a dead, headless dog, or dogs! A police officer comes and is not very alarmed because Richmond County Animal Control sees this often?

Now, do they see dead animals that have been hit and killed by cars or do they see animals that are mutilated by a person or people?

I am always saddened to see any animal hit by a car, but to have seen one that was abused and killed is a different level of sadness for me! Studies have shown that a lot of serial killers started out abusing and killing animals before people! Some satanic cults do this, and then there are the other sickos that just do it.

Yes, someone who works in a department that is supposed to help animals should be looking into this! And if there is not one who does, then they need to get one!

Julie Roberts

North Augusta, S.C.



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