Letter: Lies costly to Democrats

The Democrats and their TV news proxies have unmercifully gone after Trump for the past year, which compels me to speak out.


According to many news reports the Democrats are going to come out in full force to take back the House and Senate. What they fail to understand is why they lost the election in the first place.

Point in fact: President Obama lied when he said our health care would remain the same. He went before the U.N. and lied, telling the world that a spontaneous attack on our embassy in Benghazi that killed our ambassador and his men was due to a video. He lied again when he said, “there wasn’t a smidgen of wrongdoing by the IRS” when dealing with conservatives.

The Democrats’ biggest liar was Hillary Clinton, who cost them the election. She never saw a lie she didn’t like. She perpetuated the Benghazi lie, lied about having any classified emails on her illegal server, and backed Obama’s lies on health care.

Elected officials like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scream “Impeach Trump!” for conspiring with Russia for costing the Democrats the election, but I have yet to hear anyone say that the Russians influenced their vote one way or another nor have I seen any evidence.

We as a country lost our standing in the world and watched our economy go down the proverbial tubes thanks to Democrats.

As for President Trump, his accomplishments have been ignored, but our enemies are shaking in their boots and the economy is coming back contrary to the lies the Democrats keep telling the country.

Gregory J Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.



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