Letter: Losing at their own game

Lowell Greenbaum’s Dec. 26 political analysis of Roy Moore’s failed Senate campaign in Alabama (“Democrat resurgence,” Letters) pivoted on Republican voters rejecting Moore due to alleged sexual harassment of teenage females.


The omitted extension of his analysis is that Republicans have not completely accepted the Democratic doctrine of providing unwavering support to your candidate or office holder, regardless of his alleged or actual crimes, be it DUI and manslaughter (Ted Kennedy), adultery and perjury (Bill Clinton), sexual harassment (Al Franken, et al.), failure to protect classified information (Hillary Clinton), or bribery and corruption (Robert Menendez).

In the past, Republicans would throw their own under the bus at the first whiff of impropriety. Democrats supported their own, some right up to conviction (e.g., Rep. Chaka Fattah).

Richard Nixon resigned before his impeachment trial concluded, knowing his own party would not support him. In the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, not one Democrat senator voted for conviction of Clinton on any charge.

Newt Gingrich resigned as speaker of the House after his colleagues opposed his continued leadership. Nancy Pelosi continues on as minority leader, fending off calls for her replacement, only recently condemning her colleagues’ sexual transgressions to feign solidarity with female voters.

It galls Democrats that the Republicans, by electing Donald Trump, finally embraced the doctrine that having a tarnished Republican in office is better than having a tarnished Democrat in office. Losing at your own game stinks. Mr. Greenbaum and voters should realize that while high moral ground in politics can be claimed, few politicians in either party occupy it.

Tedd Antonacci




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