Letter: Better future needs this

The time has come to eradicate the last obvious vestiges of racism and bigotry, and rename items in the public venue that embrace or encourage segregation, separation and hatred.


Hopefully no one else has to die to illustrate that symbols and emblems that create pain and antagonism should be relegated to private museums and personal places.

It is fitting and proper that we do this. Statues and monuments, roads and bridges, buildings and waterways that reinforce the hurtful and shameful past cannot be subsidized with taxpayers’ money. Heritage aside, government must not fund private, controversial subjectivity at public expense.

Many, if not most, of these disrespectful eyesores were built or christened during a time when justice and equality were being challenged and protested. Honoring those who fought and died on the wrong side, for the wrong cause, is the wrong thing to do and has no place in civil purview.

We cannot change the past or rewrite history, but we can redress the future and encourage our posterity that we did our part – embracing unity and rectifying errors in past judgment. A better future is depending on us to do the right thing. We must create a more perfect union to ensure domestic tranquility. In these days of polarization and division we must subtract that which divides us, add that which unites us and multiply our sums. Centuries ago we came here together in total disagreement in very different circumstances, but today we are better – and still striving.

We need not understand to respect. Employing mutual commitment to common purpose will propel us forward. Welcoming kindness and love will not only build but sustain lasting appreciation for our differences and evince strength in our diversity which binds us like sand, cement, water, heat and air that together forms concrete – a millennia-old solid builder. Reducing relics raises reciprocity.

Tunk Martin

Edgefield, S.C.



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