Letter: Why provoke Muslim world?

What was the need to willfully provoke the Muslim world, and endanger the lives of innocent people worldwide by some psychotic religious nuts?


By vetoing the Resolution of the Security Council on recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, we have just declared the United Nations a defunct toothless body – an institution that was established under a charter to end all wars in the future and a charter of which the United States of America is the principal signatory.

Why must we thrive on hate-mongering, on bombings, and on killing thousands of Muslim women and children for the sake of one country, Israel? Why are we making life so miserable for Muslims, a people whose religion and culture is the same as of the Jewish nation?

If the leading country in the world, the U.S., can break the law and disregard her own pledge to end all wars, what to expect from North Korea, from ISIS and Iran? Why can’t we use diplomacy to get to the oil fields of the Middle East? Is it religion or is it oil?

We the American nation, militarily the strongest country in the world, almost like the Roman Empire, should be a role model for others, not a biased policeman.

Zia Rehman




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