Letter: Democrat resurgence

President Obama triumphed over President Trump when he sent a robocall to the black community in Alabama.


The unusually large turnout against accused pedophile Roy Moore was one of the major factors that helped Democrat Doug Jones become a senator.

President Trump decided he would back Moore all the way, and sent his robocalls to Roy Moore supporters and got slammed when Roy Moore lost. Like Moore, who refused to concede the election, Trump tried to twist his loss by saying he had backed the other Republican candidate in the primary. He showed his complete ignorance of politics when he went on to lose again with Moore.

Shame on the national Republican leaders who refused to stand up to an alleged pedophile and refused to denounce him. One by one they slid into his sleazy shadow because if he lost they would lose a Senate seat. So much for Republican morality!

Democrats had a great celebration over the Doug Jones victory. Why? Because it means that Trump and his crude buddy, Steve Bannon, have lost much of their power to convince candidates and voters to listen to them. In addition, Democratic Party candidates in 2018 realize that red states such as Georgia can turn blue if good candidates are on the ballot. In the last year many Democrats across the South have won seats in state legislatures.

The breath of fresh air that Alabama brought to the country will stimulate not only Democrats but women of all parties to denounce those, including President Trump, who grope and take women for granted. I predict that in 2018 Georgia Democrats will claim large victories over Republicans who have not rejected an immoral president.

Lowell Greenbaum


The writer is chairperson emeritus of the Richmond County Democratic Party.



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