Letter: Hit is to ratepayers

Regarding your pro-Vogtle nuclear project editorial on Dec. 19 (“A nuclear ‘kick in the gut’”), our “national pride” will not be harmed one bit if the construction project is cancelled.


U.S. national pride was not a driving force when the project was considered and begun. The project was, and is, a monument to a weak Georgia Public Service Commission unwilling to ask the hard questions each time Georgia Power came to the table, as well as demonstrably poor corporate oversight of a multibillion-dollar project whose investment was protected at the ratepayers’ expense over many years.

If Georgia Power shareholders assume a greater risk to their virtually guaranteed returns in the project, and ratepayers are given some relief, then we will see if their financial analysis determines whether the project is a viable investment to continue or not.

Ratepayers need relief, and it’s high time the PSC remember what the “PS” in their name stands for.

Jay Waldman




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