Letter: Democrats use long division

The strategy of division has been with us for a long time. Divide and conquer is one of the names given the social, political or military strategy in which a larger group of people is broken down into smaller sub-groups, each group being isolated from others, and then those subgroups encouraged to conflict with one another, wasting assets, attention or efforts through the strife and conflict, all with the goal of weakening the group as a whole.


The strategy dates at least as far back as ancient Greek societies and has been employed, often successfully, ever since. Saul Alinsky, the patron saint for Community Organizers, embraced the strategy and he used it as the theme of his book Rules For Radicals, which has become the handbook and field manual for Democrat politicians across America.

With the goal of dividing and disrupting society, our most famous Community Organizers, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are both firm believers in the strategy and have sought to employ it in their campaigns whenever possible.

Obama and Clinton have perfected the technique of Identity Politics. Just another name for the strategy of division, Identity Politics isolates and divides American citizens into sub-groups labeled with titles like rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, old, young, gay, evangelical and probably a dozen more.

Once identified and segregated, Democrats can analyze their popularity within each group, identify issues they can use to cause resentment and mistrust between individual groups, and make sure issues demonstrating mistrust and victimhood are injected at the appropriate time. Whether the issues causing the mistrust and resentment are real or made up isn’t important. What’s important is the division it causes.

This process usually involves some kind of social or political inequality, or unfairness, wherein the Democrats’ target groups are portrayed as being victims of the subgroups containing the evil Republican aggressors. That’s how we end up with all these social conflicts like rich vs. poor, young vs. old, blacks vs. whites, men vs. women, straights vs. homosexuals, on and on, and on. This strategy is not good for the American society as a whole, but who cares? What’s important is political power for Democrats.

This strategy is unfolding before our eyes in the United States Congress and in the recent Senate race in Alabama. Without regard to the administrative, civil and criminal sanctions already in place governing the interactions of men and women in the workplace, we are being driven to demanding immediate penalties for people not allowed their constitutional and legal rights as citizens.

Lives are being ruined on unfounded claims, sometimes even anonymous ones, or sometimes based solely on unverified hearsay, often decades old. Society will suffer because of it.

It’s possible a few Democrat politicians will benefit from the witch hunt they’ve introduced, but the workplace relationships between men and women may be damaged for decades as a result.

Tom Taber




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