Letter: Who else settled?

Congress paid $220,000 to settle a sexual harassment complaint against Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings. Hastings claims he knew nothing about the settlement and The Washington Post and Congress don’t seem interested in finding if there are other victims.


Why? Could it possibly be hypocrisy? Those were taxpayers’ dollars used. Is this acceptable?

John Conyers used the slush fund to pay victims of his harassment and was forced to resign. I am past carrying which party is involved. If Roy Moore isn’t fit for Congress neither is Hastings, Franken, or Conyers, or any other member who has used taxpayer funds to cover abuse.

Congress has paid out $15 million dollars of taxpayer money, and so far only two perpetrators have been exposed and one claims he didn’t know about the settlement. Where is the accountability? America is better than this.

Please write your congressmen to expose those abusing their position of power and wasting your tax dollars to cover up their indiscretions.

David Brown




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