Letter: All the man can get

In reference to Abbigail Lennon’s article in the Dec. 12 Augusta Chronicle Metro Section, this Columbia County man who cut the throat of the cat who was chasing squirrels in his yard should suffer the full extent of the law or be placed in a mental institution for being crazy.


The cat was obviously a domestic one and not a wild creature. It was doing him a favor by trying to eliminate the destructive squirrel from his property.

Also, he would not have been able to lure it to him and be able to catch it and kill it were it wild.

It’s so obvious that he disposed of the cat, and not some strange dog that ran off with it. Probably so the owner would not be able to identify it as their cat.

I truly hope the owner of this cat will bring charges against this man so that he will be dealt with by Columbia County with the maximum penalty.

Betty Widgeon

North Augusta, SC



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