Letter: Support no-kill shelter

The letter to the editor of Dec. 9 (“Unnecessary euthanization”) is another example in the long history of the callous ineptitude of Augusta Animal Services.


The letter tells the story of a couple who found a docile, frightened and injured dog and turned it over to Animal Services so that the owner and pet could more readily reunite. The couple told Animal Services they were prepared to get veterinary care for the dog and adopt it if the owner was not found. Instead the dog was killed.

Compare Augusta Animal Services to the CSRA Humane Society, whose mission is to “find loving homes for pets whose guardians can no longer care for them.” This is Augusta’s only “no-kill” shelter, which takes in and cares for dogs and cats, even those who are sick and terminally ill. They will house, feed and care compassionately for even those animals that are never adopted for their entire life.

There are about 200 animals in this facility, which is a former jail converted to be the no-kill animal shelter. Visit the shelter at 425 Wood St. near Lake Olmstead on late Mondays or all day Saturdays and personally see what kindness and caring the small part-time staff and volunteers are able to accomplish with so little. The shelter costs over $250,000 yearly to run, which includes the purchase of food, supplies, veterinary services, maintenance and utilities. It receives no financial support from national humane society groups, nor any government funding.

Only our local community supports these creatures, which are without question needy and innocent. Please go to the website, www.csra-hs.com, to see how to contribute money, supplies (all are tax deductible), or time, or visit on Mondays or Saturdays.

You could also give a home to a grateful, furry, four-legged friend.

Dalton E. Brannen, Ph.D.




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