Letter: On Electro Magnetic Power

On Dec. 10 a laudable letter to the editor pointed out the advantages and shortcomings of our existing energy system to that of European countries.


Understandably absent in this letter is the absence of the ultimate in alternative energy: Electro Magnetic Power. This omission is the result of the supposed continuing restriction of civilian development of Electro Magnetic Energy.

Development of Electro Magnetic Energy by the industrial military complex has been phenomenal: EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse charges which cancel all electric devices, handheld weapons, aircraft carrier launch and retrieval systems and, would you believe, UFOs.

A U.S. Patented electro magnetic power unit is now 15 years old without further research and development. That absence is supposedly due to government restriction and suppression by existing energy providers. It is also due to the failure of our “watchdog” media, which have been informed of this, the ultimate source of alternative energy.

This failure is undoubtedly due to the consideration of the adverse effect on existing energy providers and those holding investments in the same, plus the influence of energy providers advertising in the media.

The other side of the coin of objections holds the advantages of reduced pollution, by a unit with no input and no emissions. The advantage is both economic and in offsetting the effects of natural disasters by a self contained unit in every home.

Consider the economic success to be achieved by the company that will research, develop, manufacture and distribute the power units.

The power that will overcome this continuing failure is publicity of its existence and public outrage at its absence.

Should we continue our present course, we can expect Chinese magnetic power generators.

John Mullen




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