Letter: On Europe and energy

Some of European electric power requirements are being strangled by their self-imposed green regulation, which we did not sign.In Brussels, a consumer revolution is brewing as their electric cost per kilowatt per hour has risen to 36 cents while we pay 13 cents. Coal-fired plants still contribute nearly 40 percent of their power requirement, with some of it coming from Balkan states.


Natural gas would be cheaper and cleaner and we could sell them our excess gas for half of what they pay for Mr. Putin’s Russian gas. Due to our stupid regulations, we could get twice for our excess gas and save our European partners one third and cut Mr. Putin’s aggressive behavior by reducing his profits from his overpriced gas.

Solar and wind power, after billions of investment, has been unreliable because of unfavorable weather conditions over there. Most nuclear plants have been shut down except in France. The bird-killing wind turbines in our country, financed by taxes, contribute very little to our carbon-cash relationship while our power bills run one-third of what central Europeans pay.

We do have a respectable carbon reduction record with our cheaper and cleaner gas-fired power plants; also, coal-fired plants emit only one-third of emission levels of 40 years ago.

Mrs. Angela Merkel’s green coalition partners have forced the government into unsustainable cost escalations with energy and immigration problems.


S. G. von Schweinitz




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