Letter: Not their money

Reading Mr. Ed Conant’s article on the estate tax in The Augusta Chronicle (“Don’t repeal the estate tax, and don’t believe the myths,” Nov.12) compels me to comment.


The fact that only a portion of an estate has been taxed is irrelevant; it is not the government’s money — it belongs to those who have earned it and created an estate. The government has no right to confiscate property from anyone.

Mr. Conant goes on to say that this bill will add $1.5 trillion to the debt; since when, may I ask, has a politician been concerned about increasing the debt? During the disastrous eight years of the Obama administration, the debt was more than all other presidents combined.

Mr. Conant’s last sentence was, “Estate tax repeal is a dog that won’t hunt.”

I believe it is Mr. Conan’s dog that won’t hunt.

John M. Drew




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