Letter: Let the people vote

Were it not so pathetic, nor did it not involve $140 million of taxpayer money, Mayor Hardie Davis’ statement that due diligence had been taken in any phase whatsoever of this new arena debacle would be hilarious.


It’s time for the citizens of Richmond County to realize that the reason Davis is pushing so hard for this white elephant is as a monument to himself. If he wishes to exhibit due diligence, have the question brought to the public through a binding yes-or-no countywide vote.

Let the folks who will be stuck with the costs for its construction and future maintenance, not to mention the annual deficits that it is sure to amass, have a voice in the matter.

Have no fear, Mr. Davis; you will be remembered by your constituents. However, not as an effective leader, but as a monumental idiot.

Walter Schmidt




Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:41

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