Letter: Keep arena downtown

To even consider building a new arena at the former Regency Mall site is not only irresponsible but very stupid!


For some unknown reason, Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis is trying to push this preposterous proposal through as fast as he can with no regard for what many Augusta leaders see as a disaster waiting to happen. And l am proud to say that l did not support his mayoral campaign, and for good reasons.

l was amused that after Clay Boardman spoke out last week against the Regency Mall plan that Davis responded that the comments were “very inappropriate.” Really? l think Boardman’s comments were very appropriate, and supported by many of us in the community.

l don’t know what it is, but something is fishy somewhere. The new arena needs to be in downtown Augusta, plain and simple. It is the only intelligent choice when you look at the full picture. We don’t need an albatross around the city’s neck sitting in south Augusta at the old Regency Mall site!

Gardelle Lewis




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