Letter: Help seek signs of life

We say “God Bless America.” He has, yet since 1973 America has aborted millions of its children.


Here in Augusta we have an organization, the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center, with a director, Susan Swanson, who is passionate for life. I am therefore calling on all people who love God: Augusta Care Pregnancy Center has a need for two sonogram machines at $15,000 to $20,000 each, and a few voluntary sonographers who perhaps could be on call.

A high percentage of women, upon looking at sonogram pictures of their babies, decide not to abort.

Yes, we still have an abortion clinic in Augusta, off Davis Road — with a Care Pregnancy Center right around the corner. The other CPC is at 1298½ Broad St.

The aim of Augusta CPC is to save babies and help young women in a safe Christian environment to make that choice and assist with comfort and adoption services.

I know abortion is legal, but is it moral? We have so many churches in the CSRA that could help with this project. So I am appealing to you with this request to help Augusta CPC at (706) 724-3733. I pray you will consider this request.

Donna Conrad




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