Letter: Constitution under attack

The United States of America is an idea embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Obama’s Organizing For Action and the mainstream media are actively engaged in conduct against the public order, specifically the United States Constitution and the current administration.


This is sedition.

This past week the court has said that the IRS actively denied/deferred tax-deductible status to conservative groups and required the IRS to apologize. IRS Director Koskinen and former Attorney General Holder will not go to prison, but taxpayers will pay over $500 million in fines in civil suits.

The IRS’s Lois Lerner pled the Fifth and is enjoying her retirement. The Obama administration was illegaly involved in political activism, and was successful in getting re-elected in 2012. The fines are nominal considering the damage done by the “Progressives” and RINO establishment in the last eight years.

The United States Constitution defines citizenship in the 14th Amendment. A citizen must be subject to the jurisdiction of the Constitution and the laws passed within its context.

Citizenship should be revoked for anyone whose sole allegiance is not to the Constitution and the laws passed within its context.

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.



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