Letter: We’re winning with Trump

Regarding Emanuel Jones’ letter on Oct. 27, “Remove Trump from office”:


Mr. Jones doesn’t seem to realize that Donald Trump was elected because America was tired of the same old, same old in Washington, D.C. This goes for Republicans as well as Democrats.

When he says Trump’s behavior is disruptive, Trump is doing what he said he would do by draining the swamp.

Mr. Jones says Trump avoided the military; what did he say about Obama? At least Trump loves and respects our military. Obama didn’t like our military, nor our law enforcement, and he was proven wrong time and time again.

The military had its hands tied under Obama; that’s why we were losing the war with ISIS under him. Now we are winning it because Trump has taken the handcuffs off our military.

While Trump was not in the military, at least he created tens of thousands of jobs.

Obama made our military the laughingstock of the world. Remember the phrase, our enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us. This was no truer than under Obama.

The last time I checked, under President Trump, the stock market is up more than 27 percent and the unemployment rate is at its lowest rate in decades.

Sorry, Mr. Jones, but America won and you lost.

Ronnie Mullis




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