McCain is no hero

When I read Brad Kyzer’s panegyric on the misguided John McCain (“God bless McCain family,” Oct. 4), my hair caught fire.


Our family is steeped in Naval Academy graduates and decorated officers. John McCain is not a hero to them. There is not a scintilla of doubt that this strange man was cut to the core when President Trump called him a coward. He knows he was! (Trump shouldn’t have opened his mouth on this because it didn’t help anyone or anything.)

Trump is everything McCain isn’t. Trump is fearless and doesn’t care who likes him or what his legacy is. His life at New York Military Academy was a cauldron of tension, but Trump prevailed as a successful cadet and student. He hit McCain in the psychological solar plexus and McCain will never forgive him.

Pilots endure all kinds of survival experiences so that they remain strong enough to keep their oath to the United States if captured by the enemy. Our son was kicked and beaten silly by ersatz “North Vietnamese tormentors” and survived only because he knew the trainers were not allowed to break any bones. This is serious stuff, and McCain caved, being a lousy pilot in the first place.

Then when he rose from the operating table to make sure he got his “no” vote in, I saw him for the flop he really is.

Pam Shumway

McCormick, S.C.



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