Kneeling disrespectful

I had to laugh in disbelief when I the read the letter“Protesters seek greatness” (Oct. 14), referring to the football players kneeling during the playing of our national anthem. If those words had meant seeking greatness by doing good works, helping the less fortunate, giving of oneself in the military, saving others during tragic occurrences, wearing a policeman’s or a fireman’s uniform or living morally upright lives, it would have been meaningful.


As it turns out, the end of the letter wiped out any thoughts of relevancy to the situation, when it stated Americans must “constantly challenge the status quo to remain great.” I would say that kneeling, or leaving the area during the playing of our national anthem, is not a challenge to make America great, but a show of ignorance by a group of morally bankrupt, overpaid egotists bent on promoting attention to themselves, and their prowess on the ball field!

The writer says the players aren’t bums, love America and aspire to encourage their fellow Americans. Pray tell me how kneeling, and keeping their hands from their hearts during America’s anthem, is an inspiration for anything but revolt, and a glaring light shining squarely on their complete lack of allegiance to their country!

After they’ve risen and run up and down the field, the grossly overrated protesters then run straight to the bank with their paychecks. Money and adoration, not American loyalty, is the real inspiration!

Molly C. Gray

Aiken, S.C.



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