Another line blurred

Whoa! Girls being allowed in the Boy Scouts?


What in heaven’s name is wrong with being one or the other of the two genders according to the individual’s anatomy – instead of lumping the two distinct sexes together as being no different?

When a baby is born, are we going to ignore the child’s God-given anatomy and call the baby not a boy or a girl, but an “it”?

The evil forces of our society are wreaking havoc with our concept of gender. God created male to be a boy and do boy things as he is growing up, and God created woman to be a woman and do girl things as she matures for God’s purpose in life.

The boy ultimately will protect and provide; the girl will birth children and nourish them. Will we never return to the childish signs of “No Boys (Girls) allowed”? Something is truly rotten in Denmark!

Has the demonic trend in this country led us to believe that we can assume the power of God and decide our own gender by the stroke of a knife or by being forced into a contrary sex role?

Parents: Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D, and Linda Ames Nicolosi clearly make the case that you as parents can prevent homosexuality in their book, A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality.

Wake up before it is too late.

Carrie Welter




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