Give the guy a chance

Good old Tunk Martin is another in the long list of people who will never get over the fact that their presumptive shoe-in for president, Queen Hillary, lost.


In case he doesn’t understand, let me emphasize, lost! Get over it and just try, for even an instant, to forget your hate for Donald Trump and get behind things that just might be good for our country.

Trump is an outstanding businessman, and not the usual political animal. He has a very long success record, and has plans that – should the “Just Say No” crowd get behind – just might be really good for everybody, and the country. But just in case these plans might work, as a Democrat you must resist at every turn.

Obstruction is not a goal; it’s an admission that should he be successful, it will be bad for Democrats. But what about the country?

Now, if this president is so bad, why not turn him loose to implode? Obama was certainly on track to bring down the country, and Hillary would have kept swinging the hammer of denigration.

Democrats’ “flags” of political correctness and social engineering are hurting the country. Tunk is concerned about the future, common sense, tactics, destruction, and overwhelming “burdens.” Should those on the left side of the aisle participate, rather than obstruct everything even if it’s a great plan, it would be win-win for the country!

We have a chance at being saved from “implosion.”

Robert Patrick

McCormick, S.C.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 22:10

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