Trumped-up implosion

Today we seem on the verge of war within and without.


For the first time in American history we have a president hell-bent on attacking and antagonizing the common ground that bonds us together as one people. Not since the Civil War have Americans been so distinct from Americans and unsure about the future.

Patriotism is questioned, justice appears compromised and equality is dissipating. We have had questionable presidents like Andrew Johnson who was overridden by Congress more than any other president, when he tried to roll back civil progress and enact legislation contrary to common sense. He was considered our worst president. Until now. Trump is on course to surpass him by far. He is dangerous and misguided.

Unprecedented are his tactics of tax evasion, free-press attacks, First Amendment abolition, fabrication, collusion allegation, denying scientific evidence of global warming and nepotism that tear at the fabric of our society. If ever we had a real concern about destruction from within, all evidence points toward a Trumped-up implosion.

If that’s not bad enough, Trump is engaging in a game of chicken with North Korea, with potential nuclear war in the balance. We must do something quickly before reaching a point of no return.

With Americans at each other’s throats, North Korea and allies in our face, and Mother Nature on our backs, the burdens seem overwhelming. We can’t afford to fold. How can we play a losing hand when the opposition knows we’re bluffing? We must change players to change the game.

Tunk Martin

Edgefield, S.C.



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