Other ways to protest

President Trump may have displayed “un-presidential” manners in saying it. But our president was correct to reprimand those who are dishonoring the American flag.


The American flag stands for unity and progress in America. It is the symbol that glues all of our diversity together. And our flag is that one symbol which signifies America’s stubborn resolve to make freedom real for everyone. So, why disrespect our flag?

Have not our athletes considered that the issue at hand is not dishonoring America -- that the issue is black youths being targeted by racist police? And even those officers are extremely few in number. While it is seriously wrong for even one Afrikan American or any other citizen to die unjustly at the hands of insane police officers, the flag has nothing to do with our righteous indignation to protest such maltreatment.

If the athletic community really wants to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter cause, have they considered methods other than disrespecting our flag? What about holding up a sign during games? Or wearing a black patch or a black arm band? Or kneeling before or after the game to pray or to show solidarity?

Surely, there are ways to express peaceful protest besides dishonoring our flag.

Too many Americans, black and white, brown, red, and yellow have sacrificed so much to make America great. Dr. King, President Kennedy, Medgar Evers, and countless unsung American heroes paid with their lives to make America great. Other noble Americans such as our military and even our police officers have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our flag is symbolic of these sacrifices. Why disrespect their sacrifices?

Sure, President Trump may have an uncanny way of saying things at times. But his point is clear. When you disrespect our flag you dishonor all of us. Nothing is going to change by disrespecting our flag. The only thing disrespecting our flag will do is to divide our country and to make a lot of good people upset.

Black lives do matter! So does dishonoring our flag. Please stop dishonoring our flag to make a much-needed protest visible. When you dishonor our flag, you dishonor black lives too.

Matthew Hutcherson




Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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