What will it take for his supporters to abandon Trump?

Donald Trump ran on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington. Yet he has appointed family members and loyalists to the highest positions in the White House. What could be more corrupt than that?


Trump ran saying his businessman’s acumen could accomplish what D.C. politicians never could.

Trump promised from day one to prosecute Hillary Clinton, to repeal and replace Obamacare, to have Mexico pay for a 2,000-mile border wall, and to pass an infrastructure bill – none of which are even in sight.

He said “he alone” could get these things done. Yet he has made enemies rather than friends of leading Republicans in Congress with whom he should be working to accomplish the agenda he promised his voters. Yet Republicans are willing to blame anyone and everyone except for the man they elected: Democrats, the media, intransigent congressmen – anyone but Donald Trump himself.

His base is so unwilling to accept their mistake in electing Trump they refuse to acknowledge the incompetence of the man running our country. What could it possibly take for Republicans to realize the grievous error of appointing this salesman, this huckster, this game show host, to the office of president of the United States? He doesn’t even have the intelligence to stop tweeting and hurting himself with his own words.

He is such a child he can hardly abide reading from a Teleprompter words that a more competent man wrote.

Any perceptive person must admit it is like night and day when Trump reads a written speech versus when he speaks extemporaneously, when he uses plain, simple, and vulgar language to glorify himself and disparage his perceived enemies.

This vile and ignorant man cannot make a public speech without mentioning how “historic” his election was, or how big his crowd size is, or how great his ratings are.

He asked publicly for Russia to hack and release Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It happened. He has his surrogates lie openly about his financial and campaign ties to Russia, which our intelligence agencies concur hacked the Democratic National Committee.

He cannot even agree with his press office when one day they tell the media he fired FBI Director James Comey over the Clinton investigation and the very next day he tells NBC Nightly News Comey was fired over the Russia probe. He asked for his loyalty, and immediately afterward fired Comey, the very man in charge of investigating him!

His son met with a Russian agent to discuss sharing intelligence to interfere with a U.S. election. He has bragged about sexually assaulting women. He still refuses to release his tax returns, using the weak excuse that he is under audit. If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama did these things Republicans would be screaming for their heads, yet he still has the support of the majority of Republicans.

Trump desecrates the office once held by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and makes me fear for my country. I ask again: what will it take for his base to finally see him for what he is and abandon this charlatan?

I think it is a matter of pride. But it is hurting this country – both internally as well as in our international leadership. I hope with all my heart they will someday reconsider.

Quay A Rice




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