Seeking to destroy history

It must be very offensive for some people to know their children have to read school books about The War For Southern Independence


A movement needs to be started to rewrite all text books to leave out any mention of that war or any mention of slavery, for certainly slavery was offensive and our children should not be subjected to reading about such things.

While we’re rewriting history, I’m sure having to read about the gas chambers where Hitler killed millions of people during WWII must be offensive for Jews and any people who care about others. Let’s leave WWII out of the history books!

When we cut major sections from our history books, shouldn’t we just get rid of history books completely? Certainly, portions will offend someone.

Our Alt-left is currently acting more like ISIS when it comes to monuments – destroy all evidence of the past, no matter how important those were at some point in time or how important they are to some people living today.

News reporters can’t seem to mention the major groups of people who might be opposed to both the neo-Nazis and who are also oppposed to tearing down monuments. In order to further their cause, they choose to label anyone who stands in the way of the Alt-left as a neo-Nazi, and this prevents many people from speaking up.

Walter Williams, a great columnist, wrote in this newspaper a while back about The Treaty of Paris in 1783 ending our Revolutionary War, and the various arguments and agreements leading to our Constitution whereby it was clear that the various states could join the Union or secede as they might wish.

With that as the law of the land, those generals and leaders whose statues are being destroyed had every right to fight to secede, regardless of the slavery issue. Therefore they were not traitors of this country but were distinguished men representing that which was their right at the time.

If those of the Alt-left and the Alt-right were to spend a little time learning history, they might be less interested in destroying evidence of it.

Neil O. Myers

Aiken, S.C.



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