Trump supporters libeled

In the last week I have read two scurrilous items, one in the Columbia County News-Times and the other in the Augusta Chronicle Sunday newspaper. I am disappointed that either of these saw the light of day.


In the News-Times, Mr. Tom Crawford calls all Confederate soldiers “traitors who (attempted) a violent overthrow of the United States government.”

These people simply felt more attachment to their home states than to a remote federal government that treated Southerners as second-class citizens. And they never called for the violent overthrow of the United States government – they just wanted to be left alone to go their own way.

The only incursion by Confederate troops into non-Confederate territory was Gettysburg two years after the U.S. government troops invaded their territory. (We will ignore the Midwest, where terrorists from both sides conducted their own operations under the guise of rebellion/counterrebellion).

In the Augusta Chronicle, Mr. Lowell Greenbaum says that Mr. Trump’s base cheers white supremacists, neo Nazis and the KKK.

I call this foul slander against patriotic Americans, and defy Mr. Greenbaum to prove one iota of his libelous remark. We, the Trump base, cannot help it if these scum support our one hope of drawing back from the PC, socialist whirlpool the elitists of the Democrat Party have been trying to throw this country into.

Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of the Nazi party, used demagoguery to fool the German people and the world into believing the Nazis were just good ol’ boys trying to improve their people’s lot in life. He told his followers, “Tell the big lie loud enough and often enough and everyone will come to believe it.”

Messrs. Crawford and Greenbaum, you and most of the Democrats are telling the big lie loud and often and we are tired of it.

Archie C. Prince III




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