Morons on all sides

I once had a good friend tell me he believed if only 1,000 people found something offensive, that the situation, whatever it happens to be, ought to be rectified so as not to offend.


This begs the question: Is it selfish of the 1,000 to demand that the other millions abide by their feelings? Or is it selfish of the millions to insist the 1,000 live with whatever offends them?

I don’t know the answer.

I do know people will debate these questions online. People with degrees in the same fields of study, from the same universities, will each accuse the other of being less intelligent. Successful colleagues will claim their fellow party affiliates are more educated than the voters in the “other” party.

News flash: We all have some morons voting on both sides, whether we like it or not.

Do you have to be offended by everything that does not conform to your values? No. Should the rest of us not consider your point of view? Also, no.

Existing in peace with each other does not necessarily mean no one will get their feelings hurt. Tolerance does not necessarily mean other people have to accept your point of view.

Gould B. Hagler II




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