Facts show what really happened

History is what actually happened, and can be verified with a little effort to know the truth. Disinformation is writing or saying something that is not true to promote a cause.


It is time to remember that the first Georgia Republican governor since the Civil War was elected in 2002. If you honestly want to remove the Confederate flag and monuments as being racist and offensive, then you must push even harder to remove everything that says Democrat on it, as they were the party of the Old South, the founders of the KKK, the party that blocked freeing the slaves, the party in power in the Southern states that blocked desegregation of schools and public places, and that resisted equal opportunity laws for all U.S. citizens.

The media hype about the Civil War and slavery is a perfect example of lies repeated so often that many people now believe they are true. Here are the facts for everyone who wants to take down monuments and rewrite history and blame racism on Republicans.

Signing on to join the Union included the right of states to leave if the federal government violated the Constitution. The Articles of Secession dwell on abolishing slavery as a violation of law and states’ rights by edict rather than voting to change the law as required by the Constitution.

The South did not declare war on the North, or try to overthrow the government, but exercised its rights to leave and form its own union. The U.S. Supreme Court decisions of 1857 and 1859 upheld slavery as still the law of the land and that no state could overturn federal law.

The Civil War began in 1861 over the federal government violating the Constitution before slavery laws were changed, and a 62 percent tax on imported finished goods that the North, as a manufacturer, did not pay, but the agricultural South did. That tax exploited the South’s economy and raised 90 percent of all federal taxes to keep government overspending from bankrupting the U.S.

Abolishing slavery before the laws were changed was illegal and would crush the rest of the South’s economy by removing 70 percent of its existing labor force.

This was the last straw. This is why Southerners get so upset over removing their monuments honoring upholding states’ rights, and resisting illegal federal government power grabs.

The old English phrase “No nation rose so white and fair, none fell so pure of crime” refers to “white” as being without sin for leaving the Union, not the racial spin claimed today, and free of crime like the North committed violating the Constitution.

Buying the media hype today may make you look cool or accepted, but you are on the wrong side of right and actual history. Accepting the federal government ignoring our laws is the fastest way to return to slavery.

Norris Harod




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