Who’s playing victim now?

Conservatives today decry liberal “snowflakes” with their “safe spaces” and eagerness to claim offense at any little thing that makes them uncomfortable. They say liberals use the language of political correctness as a cudgel to silence opinions they don’t like – that they cast themselves as victims to gain political advantage.


But who is really wearing the mantle of victimhood today?

President Trump ran a campaign founded on feelings of victimization. He cast blame everywhere he could: on immigrants for stealing jobs, on foreign countries for cheating us on trade, on liberal elites for looking down on “real” Americans, on politicians for serving their own agendas, and, of course, on the so-called “liberal media” for deceiving the public.

Trump exploited and continues to exploit these feelings of anger and resentment. That’s why his base is so loyal; they don’t love him for his policies. They don’t seem to want to hold him accountable if Obamacare isn’t repealed or the wall isn’t built.

His voters love him because he gives voice to their anger. He capitalizes on their resentment and makes them feel powerful. And the more apoplectic he makes the left, so much the better.

Of course now the president is, to use his own words, the victim of “the greatest witch hunt in political history.” Never mind the man probably isn’t a great student of history. But it’s been a savvy and effective strategy for Trump; blame a corrupt system for whatever doesn’t go his way and take credit for whatever does.

He accepts no blame because he always plays the victim.

Quay Rice




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