Trump critics forgetful

Many Augusta area “politicals” have written concerning President Trump and his lack of progress.


Namely, Tracey Williams (July 17), Lowell Greenbaum (July 19) and Tunk Martin (July 22) have totally missed the point and shown no respect.

Honestly President Trump’s administration has had its disappointing moments for me and other supporters, but President Trump is in office duly elected. Every citizen needs to show the office of president some respect. We did it for President Obama, as acceptance that a man of color could be president.

Democrats have totally ignored the past and are moving on with great hypocrisy; they have forgotten or forgiven Obama’s foreign policy failures. Obama has given us a real mess with North Korea, Iran’s nuclear agreement, and Russia in Syria, among other great Obama-Clinton successes.

But now it is piling on. We need to accept the fact that not many people outside of Trump’s base and some true conservatives are supporting him, let alone defending him.

For starters, we need to drain the swamp, removing the likes of Sens. McConnell, Collins, Murkowski and McCain. Add to that the Democratic resisters Sens. Schumer, Leahy and Sanders, and you have a good start on draining the swamp. Add to that Reps. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Conyers, and some real progress can be made.

What irritates me most of all, though, is the hypocrisy. Rep. Pelosi recently suggested that Trump wasn’t capable of being president and he had no understanding of the Korean issue. I would like to refer Rep. Pelosi to the 1999 interview that Donald Trump had with Tim Russert. He certainly understood the dangers of North Korea then, and urged direct intervention before they developed nukes.

Then-President Clinton didn’t take the hint, and neither did President Obama. Not “Strategic Patience,” but “Strategic Failure.”

Don Garman

McCormick, S.C.