New understand of SRS

When I was growing up, my friends would talk about how their parents were teachers, nurses or even polo players. When asked, “What does your mom and dad do?” I would just say that they work at the Savannah River Site – but I didn’t understand what they specifically did.


My earliest memories of the site were at the annual SRS Safety Night. I remember waiting all day for my parents to come home so they could take my two sisters and me. At the expo, I remember the wonder and curiosity I had after visiting each booth, where I learned how to use a fire extinguisher and held reptiles from the Savannah River Ecology Lab.

When I was in high school, I grew curious about what my parents did. Trying to understand, I would Google aerial maps of the facilities and read news stories to learn more about why SRS exists.

The day before my internship began in June, my parents took me on a driving tour after I received my badge. They spoke so passionately and candidly about each area we drove by.

The next day, I joined my mentor on a public tour of SRS, where I learned how thousands of employees work every day to make the world safer.

The Savannah River Site is an incredible place that accomplishes important missions for our nation. The effort that all employees put fourth is truly inspiring. Their work ethic and patriotism are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

My parents’ jobs are no longer a mystery to me. I aspire every day to work as hard and be as proud of my work as the people at Savannah River Site.

Stephanie Shuford

Aiken, S.C.

The writer, a marketing major at Clemson University, is a government and community relations intern at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.