Time for a convention

I have read in a number of news sources that many members of Congress spend over half their time raising donations. Ted Cruz stated that the number for members of the Senate is closer to 90 percent.


Human nature is such that large donors will ingratiate the recipients to reciprocate. The members in Congress have demonstrated this behavior on a regular basis.

The longer these politicians stay in office, the more they are aligned with whoever pays the big money, and those individuals are not us.

My answer to this is not a panacea but, I believe, will serve to counteract this:

1. Term Limits: two terms for senators, three for representatives. This would reduce the tendency for principled politicians (assuming there are any) to be contaminated by the money trail. Also, there is no need to raise money for their last term.

2. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Prior to enactment, senators were appointed by the states. The amendment changed the process to a popular vote. If a given senator was appointed, their allegiance would then be to the state that appointed them instead of big donors, and there would be no need to raise money for their next election.

A constitutional convention is required, but I think it is time.

Clif Rice

North Augusta, S.C.



Sun, 02/18/2018 - 00:03

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