Animal problem needs work

I wish God had made me smart enough to invent. However, he did give some people that gift.


We now have bladeless Dyson fans and driverless cars, and can even send people to the moon. However, we are so far behind in one of our major problems of this time.

There are millions of stray animals that continue to have overwhelming litters continuously. They wander our streets with no homes, just looking for food to survive or end up in shelters where they have to be put down. This just goes on and on, and I do not think God is pleased with the outcome.

Sure, the only solution we have at this time is to catch, spay/neuter and return – which is the best we have currently, but it is far from perfect and, if you want my real opinion, it just stinks!

Example – Have you ever tried to catch a stray cat in the first place and place it in a carrier? Then, there is the expense of payment for this service and the pain and heartbreak of having to take it back to the homeless place it came from just to let it go to be homeless and hungry again.

Also, most every place you take an animal for spaying and neutering needs you to set up a day and time to have them there Really? You don’t even know if you can find the animal that day, much less catch it and present it at the time scheduled.

I just cannot understand why all the “brainiac” vets, researchers and inventors cannot invent a chemical that can be added to an animal’s food that, when ingested, will make the animal sterile. After all, I do not know of a hungry animal that will not eat food you put out for it.

Yes, there will still be the problem of homeless and hungry animals, but there will be fewer litters around to have to hunt food to survive and a lot less heartbreak of having to catch, spay/neuter and release. This just seems cruel and inhumane!

So, will some of you smart researchers please get to work on this very needed solution to a very bad problem!

Joanie Williford

North Augusta, SC



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