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Tunk Martin (“Clinton return welcome,” June 13) states that Hillary would be welcomed back. Well Tunk, by who?


Where have you been?

American consulate workers dead, and she says what does it matter. The truth could slap her in the face and she wouldn’t recognize it.

She can’t control her husband and you expect her to control a country?

She stole silverware and furniture from the White House.

After years of her filthy mouth, lying, tantrums, ego and unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything, it seems the American people will have to listen to her excuses why she lost for the next seven years: It wasn’t her that the people saw through and why she lost; it was the press, the Russians, FBI Director Comey, it was raining that day, her pen ran out of ink, she couldn’t find her lucky socks, the dog barked at her.

Come on Tunk, we are all getting tired of you and your ilk whining. You lost. Get over it (words from that other loser). There will be another election for you in seven years. Try to find a believable candidate.

John Gasko


Dee STAFFORD 6 days ago
Everything in the letter is spot on.  Can you imagine how devastated Clinton feels in that chasing the presidency has been something she has been chasing since college?

She early on perceptively saw the skirt chasing Bill as the vehicle to get there.  She had it all laid out step-by-step, position-by-position on how she would become the first female president.  Eventually, she felt entitled and looked as herself as the president-in-waiting.

The first shot in the plan was the upstart, slick, non-experience, clean, articulate black from the corruptness of Chicago, Barrack Hussein Obama rode the river of white guilt to the White House.

In the most recent campaign her main stump speech consisted of two points: "Vote for me because I'm a woman" and Trump is a bad person.

On top of everything, she is a sorry individual who looks down on the average people around her.  She is a shrew.  She was hated by her Secret Service detail, despised the military, and gave orders the people in the WH were not to make eye contact  her in the halls.

Hillary Clinton is just a sorry excuse for a human being.
Val White 6 days ago

I will never understand how the left continues to overlook the proof of her incompetence, hatefulness and corruptness.

A Republican does not even have to do a smidgen of what she has done and they would be tarred and feathered. 

What is it that makes the left keep supporting her? 

Roland SASSER 6 days ago
The Democrats will turn a blind eye to anything the Clinton have done. The party has raised both of them to God like status and they are worshiped like false idols. Trump has his faults, but he is a saint compared to those two. I don't even want to discuss Trump's worthless predecessor.
B. M. Michales 5 days ago
John, tunk has proven time and time again that he is the perfect example of the far left misguided brainwashed liberal dumorcats  that believe hrc was a good choice. lowell is another example of this out of touch group.
Jerry Whitcomb 5 days ago
I continue to find it funny that Democrats berate Republicans for electing Trump when they only things they had to offer were Rich,  Crooked, Treasonous, "I'll sell policy and uranium for the right price" Hillary and Rich, Communist, "redistribute everyone's wealth but mine" Bernie. 


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