Lay off my president

I’ve always enjoyed the Rants &Raves section of the paper until lately.


The election is over.

Hillary lost, thank God. We didn’t want her; evidently God put the person he wanted in the Oval office of the White House. After all he is, always has been, and always will be the one in charge.

Democrats in Congress show on a daily basis the lack of respect they have for all of the American people by the disrespect they show citizens, as well as how they treat President Donald Trump. Please know that he is president for the next 3 ½ years at least, hopefully more.

The left and the Democratic National Committee crowd are the whining losers – who obstruct, riot in the streets and leak vital information, while constantly taking jabs at a sitting president because he is not a greedy “politician” by trade.

This is the first time in my 70 years to see people riot after an election. Kathy Griffin (ISIS-like beheading) needs to be in jail. The idea of our tax money being used for a Shakespeare play in New York to depict the murder of a sitting president (they call it “art”) is beyond stupidity.

God help us all if this is all you can think about or create. This country is in worse shape than I thought! And to the corporations, such as American Express, taking part in funding this trash: Shame on you for supporting such. I would never endorse or donate to such a rotten display of total disrespect.

There are enough real murders on our streets without such as that being portrayed as “art.”

All of this has gone way too far, and it’s time it stopped.

Were it left up to me there would be no more “artistic” plays with such content; don’t they realize there are children watching what we all do. Everything they see and hear makes an impression good or bad on the little ones.

You know, we only get one chance at this life on Earth. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I fully intend to enjoy every minute that I can. I also want to reach over to the next person and make their day brighter if I can. I pity those who can’t think or say or do anything more than whine and cry, or get sent to “safe” rooms and have Play-dough handed to them when they fail a test or get upset in college. I was taught if you want something you have to work for it.

No one can truthfully say President Donald Trump didn’t work like a Trojan to win the election; he is still working hard for all of us to have a safer, more productive future. I think it’s time Congress began doing its job instead of wasting more tax money on trumped up scandals!

Wake up people; you’re being used by Democrats and the left-wing nutcases out there.

Think for yourself; do the research! First, know who you are; then learn who your president really is. A Christian, a family man, a business man – not a greedy politician!

He is also my president.

Dianne Parker

North Augusta, S.C.

Dee STAFFORD 9 days ago
Well said from the heart and brain, Dianne.

It is my belief that Donald J. Trump is God's chosen Chaos President.  He is the bull in  the China Shop that is needed to bring havoc to the establishment class in DC.

He is fighting, for us, against the media, the entertainment world, the Democrats, the anarchists, and the RINO's.

His style is not that of a slicked down, focus group driven politician.  He is unlike anything DC has ever seen. Many don't like his tweets which he sees as the ability to go unfiltered directly to the American people.  

His tweets ain't always pretty.  They are in the language of the average person.....the type who voted for him.

We read where he ranks so low in the polls ( I read today that Rassmuen has his approval rating at 50%) with a high disapproval rating.  But when one looks at the people who voted for him, 96% approve of the job he is doing.

He has saved trillions of dollars with his cutting of regulations, red tape, and repeal of many of Obama's edicts.  Getting us out of the Paris Shakedown Accords saves  tens of billions a year.

Thank God, he is focused and does not dwell on what is said about him.  Someone says or writes something he doesn't like, he hits back rather than rolling over as have previous GOP presidents, then he goes about his  business having compartmentalized his thoughts and actions.

Just think, how great he could make America if he had the Republicans in Congress behind him.  Oh, there are some behind him right now---such as McCain and Graham--with knives stabbing him in the back every chance they get.
Karen Goodwin 8 days ago
Donal trump fights for no one but himself!  He's crude, crass, bullish, boorish and just plain mean!  If you really believe " god" put this man in power, than you are setting the bar really low for what an all powerful being can do!  Goodness 
Since when did God's name become Vlad Putin? Or Satan?
David Jefferson 9 days ago
So much hate Mr. Priessman
No hate. The truth. You voted in a man who confessed to adultery, and assault, no matter the alt-right's rationalization and suspension of disbelief. The man has already and is determined to do everything he can to hurt the poor, the elderly and the ill. He is the antithesis of humanity and Christianity, and if you follow him, you follow Satan's henchman.
Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
The Democratic platform is the " antithesis of humanity and Christianity".  Pro abortion, Pro homosexuality and they even attempted to remove any mention of God from the platform.   A strong economy is the best thing any President can do for the citizens.  List for me some of the many things Trump has done to hurt the poor and elderly.  You really need a reality check !
David Jefferson 8 days ago
Priessman, quite simply, you are wrong and not qualified to judge. And, as I have pointed out before, for someone apparently professing Christianity, you embody the antithesis.

Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
It seems all you have is name calling and no substance. 
Dee STAFFORD 8 days ago
Let's not forget that God chose David despite all of David's failings.
William O. Darby 8 days ago
Yes, we did, but Bill Clinton is no longer in office, (and he settled with Paula Jones) so what's your point?
chas cushman 8 days ago
The racial and social hatred that has spread for 40 yrs by the dumocrats and black leaders like the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung has created a lot of hate filled dangerous people.  More will flip out like the guy in VA. Such hatred is hard to control. But the dumocrats are still spreading it, the old dingbat Pelosi tried to blame the republicans for the VA attack on republicans. A person has to be filled with hate or stupid to be a dumocrat but I am afraid many are both which makes them even more dangerous.  
William O. Darby 8 days ago
Since when did Stupid's name become David, or AA?
William O. Darby 8 days ago
Maybe it was when OzBama was promising to give him the United States on a silver platter, when "I'll have more flexibility after the election".
B. M. Michales 7 days ago
William, you are correct, bho should have been charged with aiding and abetting the enemy.
B. M. Michales 7 days ago
About the same time aa equals dummy post.
Roland SASSER 8 days ago

Excellent letter Dianne! I see Preissman (aka Mr. Hate) throwing out the same old unsubstantial crap. Where's the Russian proof, when did Trump admit adultery or assault?   

" Since when did God's name become Vlad Putin? Or Satan?" I find it rich when you Democrats elevate the likes of Obama and the Clintons to God like status. You want to talk about Satan's henchmen. People like you worship them everyday!

Too funny. I never elevate any man to the level of God. I stand by my words. There is no Christianity in Trump's policies, only worship of the rich and hatred of the earth.
David Jefferson 8 days ago
Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
Your view of christianity is for the government to seize the wealth of one group and give it to another group.  We call this  communism and communism alway results in poverty for the masses.  No where does Scripture teach this. 
William O. Darby 8 days ago
"........and hatred of the earth."
Not me, I hate Mars and most especially that stinkin' little wanna-be planet Pluto.
Karen Goodwin 8 days ago
My goodness Roland the man said himself what he does to women. Where you absent that day in class?  And many many classes since?
Val White 8 days ago

Great letter.   However,  I'm afraid the liberals will never lay off.  Maybe if they fail to regain any seats in congress in 2018 they will realize that running a campaign on alleged crimes and pointed hatred of their opposition is not an election win.

Why are those who would vote democrat not asking themselves why their party does not have positive solutions as their platform instead of negativity, physical attacks, and lies aimed at their opposition. 

If people have nothing to offer of any substance, they resort to cursing and name calling.

Trump and his cabinet responding to unsubstantiated allegations only encourages the left.  Unless there is some proof positive, real evidence and NAMED accusers are put under oath, they should never agree to any investigations.

No American citizen is subjected to this type of harassment or investigation based merely on anonymous allegations.  Our president needs to put a stop to it and, yes, it is within his Constitutional right to do so.

Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
Yes, the left is all about personal destruction and not debating ideas. 
Karen Goodwin 8 days ago
Oh my, apparently you missed all the hateful things that were said about theObamas, based just on their race. Talk about spewing hate!
64% of Americans DISAPPROVE of Trump's performance. Every Aspect of his administration is now under investigation. That says it all. You sure pick a winner!
Jerry Whitcomb 8 days ago
l:"64% of Americans DISAPPROVE of Trump's performance" are full of've got to quit believing those liberal MSM polls. From what I hear from people I know the support for Trump is actually solidifying. They just are amazed that we actually have a President who is doing EXACTLY what he promised.

USA Today headline yesterday, 06/16/2017.

"Rasmussen Poll says Trump has 50% approval rating, president celebrates"

You get a poll and I'll get a poll honey honey. 
You get a poll and I'll get a poll babe babe.
CARL T SR MILLER 8 days ago
Semper Fi!
William O. Darby 8 days ago
"You sure pick a winner!"
We sure did!

Just go back and look at the morning paper headlines of November 9th!
William O. Darby 8 days ago
"Every Aspect of his administration is now under investigation."
Of course that's an outright lie and is the usual AA, brainless, thoughtless hyperbole. (He must depend on Mad Maxine Waters to feed him information.)

Still, given the lefty-Loony near total corruption of our national media, it's a small wonder that it isn't even more pervasive than it is.

Nothing is going to come of all the Socialist-Democrat hateful fanaticism, lugubrious predictions and hysteria. Stay tuned! They will invent even more lies and conspiracy theories in their attempts to drag this BS into the off year elections.  It's not gonna help them.

The left has demonstrated that all they know how to do is "demonstrate" and plant false "news" stories.  One thing they certainly CANNOT do, is lead and inspire America and her people.
The best they can expect is that their crazies (and there is no shortage of them) improve their marksmanship.

Just yesterday, on the heels of the horror in Virginia, another Democrat "strategist" proclaimed that more Republicans need to be shot.

They've totally lost it!
The whole lot of Alt-Righters are wetting themselves in the fear that all of their misdeeds are now coming to light, and rightfully, the country will embarrass and eventually ostracize the lot of you. You're anachronisms,  more fitting to be in the Post Civil War South than in a modern FREE America. 2018 is the latest the idiot will be able to destroy our country, then no more.
Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
Don't worry David...Trump only has 7 years and 6 months left before Ted Cruz takes over for the following 8 years.  Democrats have lost more elections over the past 8 years than any time since the 1920's.  Please.... Keep doing what you are doing !
William O. Darby 8 days ago
Pretty sure that whoever wrote, "Better to remain silent and be though a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt", had you in mind, AA.

But since you brought it up, how about listing some of those "misdeeds" you keep imagining?  Maybe then fewer people would see you as an uniformed, hate consumed fool.

BTW- There is little free in any government ruled by socialists. Other than the free availability of unlimited misery.
B. M. Michales 7 days ago
As my old friend Lewis said, "Delta is ready when you are."
Gary McNeal 8 days ago
Since the election of obama in 2008 and the introduction to the american voter of the leftist leanings the democrat party has brought to the political stage, it hasn't been good for them.
Since that time, the democrat party has lost over 1 thousand seats across the landscape. They only control 5 states with full democrat control. They have awakened a sleeping electorate, that are clearly rejecting their ideology.
The news media, with their followers who continually spread hatred such as Hodgkinson, AA, Kathy Griffen and the like will certainly guarantee by 2018 the democrats will be reduced to ruble, just like Bernie Sanders, todays poster for the party said the other day. I don't think the American people want to be lead by a party, who the only thing they have to sell them is HATE.
William O. Darby 8 days ago
"He is the antithesis of humanity and Christianity, and if you follow him, you follow Satan's henchman."
AA will NEVER get it. We DON'T follow Trump, he follows us. That's how got elected. 

From now on, the "go along with the establishment" crowd is gonna have a tough time getting into office.
Karen Goodwin 8 days ago
Really? He follows you? He doesn't even know you exist!  Or all the millions of Americans that are below his nose?
Robert Sheffer 8 days ago
Trump is doing exactly what he said he would  if he were elected.  Get the economy moving, lower taxes on working people and businesses, cut regulations, abolish ObamaCare, secure our borders, rebuild our military.....Making America great again!   These are the reasons people voted for him!
William O. Darby 8 days ago
I'm pretty certain that you are not as dumb as AA. You know full well that I meant that Trump knows what the people want and responds accordingly.

I can see where I'd have to explain that to the Big Dummy, but never thought that you'd need someone to draw you a picture.

B. M. Michales 7 days ago
William, they are cut from the same mold.
B. M. Michales 7 days ago
And do you think hrc gave a hoot about you, or the blacks she courted during the campaign, to ignore them after the election as the dumocrats always do.


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