Partner Paine with AU

I was thinking how can Paine College turn itself around. I think they need more than new leadership. The current president is doing all he can to save this historic institution. I propose Paine College join in and partner with Augusta University and become a cyber institution. This could become a win-win for everyone.


Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Augusta needs cyber institutions of learning. To me, Paine’s location across the street from AU is ideal, and the fact that it is implementing its own cyber program. Augusta is going to need all the cyber institutions it can get. Why not partner with AU and make Augusta the leading cyber hub in the Southeast?

We can do this. However, it takes strong and bold leadership. It takes visionaries who can think outside of the box. I think AU needs Paine and Paine needs AU. Why not?

The solution is right in front of us. However, some people have eyes but can’t see. Some of us have ears but can’t hear. But for those of us who can see and hear, don’t let this golden opportunity pass us by.

David Carrie




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