Stand on principles

For his opponents, it is often difficult to decide whether President Trump’s actions are born of malevolence or sheer incompetence. Recent events suggest the latter. Early in his presidency, Trump has revealed he’s not only ignorant of policy but is unaware of his own talking points. He can’t even control his mouth.

From his own words we can tell he hasn’t bothered to learn the details of his own health care proposal, his budget, or his plans for tax reform. He changes his story so often, not even his own press secretary can keep up with his changing talking points. This doesn’t even include his malfeasance while in office. He fired the head officer in charge of investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia (and said so on network television) — which our entire intelligence community agrees conspired to hand him the election.

When are the principled conservatives who publish and read this newspaper going to stand up to Donald Trump and show us that principle stands above partisanship?

Quay Rice




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