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For his opponents, it is often difficult to decide whether President Trump’s actions are born of malevolence or sheer incompetence. Recent events suggest the latter. Early in his presidency, Trump has revealed he’s not only ignorant of policy but is unaware of his own talking points. He can’t even control his mouth.

From his own words we can tell he hasn’t bothered to learn the details of his own health care proposal, his budget, or his plans for tax reform. He changes his story so often, not even his own press secretary can keep up with his changing talking points. This doesn’t even include his malfeasance while in office. He fired the head officer in charge of investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia (and said so on network television) — which our entire intelligence community agrees conspired to hand him the election.

When are the principled conservatives who publish and read this newspaper going to stand up to Donald Trump and show us that principle stands above partisanship?

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Quay Rice


B. M. Michales 11 days ago
Well quay, if that is your real name, how did you feel about principle and partisanship when your hero hrc misused her email? I bet as a far left misguided brainwashed liberal dumocrat you overlooked hrc faults. Your words show how sad you are.
Dee STAFFORD 11 days ago
Nothing but talking points from ignorant dims.  I wish the left would put specifics in their criticisms.

If one listened to the left, one would wonder how DJT gets dressed in the mornings let alone how he built a multi-billion dollar empire.
Angie Hicks 11 days ago
The healthcare bill isn't HIS proposal.
Johnny Rio 11 days ago

Ah, another letter from the “Resistance.” That mob breaking windows while waiting for their welfare checks and demanding taxpayers give them more.

Val White 11 days ago

I see the misinformed R&R accusers have moved to the LTE section.

What malevolence?  What malfeasance?  What incompetence?  Where's the evidence and what exactly did he do, have you any specifics that are VERIFIABLE?

 He built an empire but he's incompetent?

No he does not know all there is to know all the ins and outs of running a country, he's not a slimy politician after all. 

When are you democrats going to stand up to your leaders' bullying, lying, falsely accusing the right of wrong doing, their blatant corruptness, and criminal activity and throw them out of office?

Angie Hicks 11 days ago
chas cushman 11 days ago
The Marxists, communists and perverts running the dumocrat party have no principles nor morals. The end justifies the means. Lie, cheat, steal, kill and get in bed with anyone including terrorist to achieve their goals. When Harry Reid was ask about lying about Romney's taxes Reid said 'he didn't get elected did he'.  But what is disappointing is the sheeple including 80% of blacks who keep right on supporting them. I guess the dumbing down in the 'guvamint' (as Rep. Clyburn says) school has been working very well for the dumocrats. LBJ said in 1965, I will have them ni**ers voting for the dumocrat party for the next 200 yrs'. So very sad
BRAD KYZER 11 days ago
I detect some frustration in Trumpland . Could it be buyers remorse? When one finds out they have made a mistake the first emotion is denial followed by anger. Hang in there, things will get better.
chas cushman 11 days ago
As bad as Trump might be he is a 1000x times better than the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung and the corrupt amoral old hag.
Dee STAFFORD 11 days ago
Brad, We are not frustrated.  We angry with the lies of the media and lack of support from the RINO's in congress.

We are proud of Donald Trump standing strong and pressing on with his promises.  I know of no other man who could put of with the horse dropping that are throw his way on a continuing basis.
B. M. Michales 11 days ago
The real buyers remorse in from you far left misguided brainwashed liberal dumocrats that picked hrc to run. How did that work out for you? If Trump is so bad your candidate must have been very terrible. If fact she was!
Angie Hicks 11 days ago
As much as you like to think it's happening, I have yet to meet a person who voted for Trump that regrets it.
Val White 11 days ago
If the #1 R&R submitter only canvassed within Augusta city limits, I doubt he found more than a handful that voted for Trump.
Gage Creed 9 days ago
Poor Brad... I hope Maurine Melnick is able to get him some help!
Jerry Whitcomb 11 days ago
"which our entire intelligence community agrees conspired to hand him the election."

No....they have never said that. 

They have only said that some hackers....most likely the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton, her illegal email server, and her corruption using the Clinton Foundation, and the corruption in the DNC......probably in an attempt to prevent Hillary from being elected. 

There was no collusion with Trump or attempt the hand him the election. The Russian/Wikileaks effort was to DEFEAT HILLARY CLINTON and would have happened no matter which of the 17 Republican candidates won the nomination. 

Just face the facts....Hillary sucked as a candidate, had no platform except to be Obama's third term, and everybody hated her and the results of Obama's 8 years.. 
Val White 11 days ago
Exactly right.  The email leaker would not have cared one whit who ran against HRC, they did not want her in office.  It was not done to help Trump.
Gage Creed 9 days ago
Quay... Quay... Quay... When are you going to sit down, shut up, and come to terms that in the last election your candidate..... 

got beat like a DRUM...
was beat like a rented MULE...
got the BRAKES beat off of 'em...

You lost... get over it!


Mon, 05/29/2017 - 18:10

Miraculous recovery

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