Change minds, not pants

The ordinance against sagging pants has got to be the most ridiculous piece of legislation to have been considered by our Augusta Commission.


Sagging pants have not been tied to any criminal, or even undesirable, behavior other than the aesthetic value of the pants themselves. In my opinion, creating laws around sagging pants is like giving a chemo patient a wig and declaring them cured.

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It only addresses the symptom, not the problem itself. Males who wear their pants in the manner in question suffer from a lack of education, maturity and self-esteem. Just pulling their pants up will not repair that.

The other problem with that proposed ordinance was the amount of time and attention the matter received. My city is in crisis. We have one of the lowest performing school systems in the state. We have neighborhoods that have to be demolished because of pollution. We are averaging about a shooting per week so far this year, and the Augusta Commission’s response to all of this is to get young men to pull up their pants?

It is my belief that the real need is for men like Commissioner Marion Williams to mentor the young people the ordinance is targeting. As opposed to shaming them, he should be showing them what opportunities are available to them when they choose to expand their minds and adopt a more conservative approach to their dress. He should be allowing these same people to shadow him at his place of business and see the interaction that takes place among the business people of the community so that they can one day also participate in it.

The emphasis should be on elevating their minds, and then their pants will follow.

Adrianne Bogans


Val White 11 days ago

Was not able to comment on this so my comment in under the R&Rs.

Good LTE.

Dee STAFFORD 11 days ago
I agree with the thrust of the letter and paragraph 4  is especially pertinent; however, the solution is a cultural one.

The writer talks about lack of education and lack of self esteem being the sources of the problem. The thing is  the people with sagging pants don't want an education because then they will be "acting white" and be an outcast with their peers.

Most times you can tell what is on the inside of the person by looking at the outside.  Pride in dress shows pride of oneself in most cases.
Adrianne Bogans 3 days ago
Not necessarily. The 9/11 attackers had on polo shirts and khakis.
Jerry Whitcomb 11 days ago
"Sagging pants have not been tied to any criminal, or even undesirable, behavior"

No....but many who wear the sagging pants HAVE been tied to criminal and undesirable behavior. 

I agree that no direct causation has been proven but somewhere in all of this I do believe the "broken window" theory applies. 

No, I do not believe an ordinance is enforceable. I think it would be better if their parents took all of their underwear away and then if they exposed their little hineys we could lock them up for indecent exposure. 

As for indicating undesirable behavior.........I guarantee you that if I pass by a group of hiney boys I am watching my back and have my hand on my gun. Their fashion statement is my target recognition training. 

Adrianne Bogans 3 days ago
Sagging pants make you reach for a gun?!? That training leaves a lot to be desired. I'm willing to bet one other factor is in play, not sure that you would even realize it.
B. M. Michales 11 days ago
Adrianne, we have been trying to do the things you ask for many, many years with no success. You may like looking at the underwear of these thugs but many of us don't. We do need laws on the books to stop this.
Adrianne Bogans 3 days ago
Why are there no laws against exposed thongs then?
ROY WHITLEY 11 days ago
The reason they wear the "sagging" pants is to house their brains.
Napoleon Harris 3 days ago
What is the purpose of sagging pants? Education and hard work should be more important in this generation minds instead of hanging out and sagging all day, should be a law for sagging pants!!!
Adrianne Bogans 2 days ago
Those things should be on their minds, but the problem is they haven't matured to that level. It's a shame, but it shouldn't be illegal.


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