Health care system poor

All the “Affordable” Care Act did for America was to turn our health care system into socialized medicine.


If you have a doctor, he or she can no longer admit and treat you at a hospital. Your doctor tells you to go to the emergency room, where these “hospitalists” see you, and – if you are sick enough – admit you and treat what you came to the ER for. Your doctor, who knows more about you than your mom, is not allowed to treat you, or even offer advice to these so-called doctors whom the hospital hired.

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These hospitalists have no real practice, so they have no schedule, so you never know when they might show up, and the staff seems intimidated to call them for you so you can talk. When you do see them, they swoop in and out of your room so fast, and their communication skills are sorely lacking. And they are not treating the whole patient.

I have had two family members put in grave danger in the hospital, because these hospital docs are not up to speed about the other health issues of the patient, and don’t seem to care. They are getting paid regardless of the results – hence, socialized medicine.

Everyone deserves good health care. But what we have now isn’t that. I hope our new president can get us back what we had before. What we now have is not safe for anyone, rich or poor. We all need a doctor who can treat us in and out of the hospital, like before.

As far as a national health care for those who cannot afford it, let’s have what our members of Congress, the president and his family have. That’s the national health care plan I want! We are sending those folks to Washington, and our tax dollars are paying for their health care and more. Why can’t us lesser mortals have that, too? And don’t finance it on the backs of those who have worked hard so they can get good health care for their families. Give us what our government officials have, and finance it the way it is done for them.

All I want is for my doctor – who sees me, and knows my body – to be able to treat me if I am ill enough to be in a hospital. That is what we had before, and no longer have. If my doctor cannot admit, or treat me, if I have to go into a hospital, why go to him or her?

Maybe that is the end goal. Our current system will cut the patient load back tremendously, and look at the money saved.

Cherry Young

North Augusta, S.C.

Roland SASSER 13 days ago

Great letter! You just summed up the story the news media will not cover. If this garbage health system that was rammed down our throats is so great, why did congress exempt themselves from it? I'm not sure how true it is, but I seem to remember that some in congress out of symbolism refused to accept the congressional "Emperor" healthcare package.

I truly believe that what we had prior to that garbage we have now worked better for the vast majority of Americans. I have read that health care cost were rising under the old system and that was one reason for our garbage system today. I got news for you folks, the cost of everything is going up, cars, food, clothes etc. I'll say it again, a healthcare system that covers 100 % of the population is not attainable or sustainable. Eventually you will run out of other people's money! 

Val White 13 days ago

 A question never answered by the left who claim so many millions were uninsured -

Who are these millions of uninsured - illegals who should NOT be covered anyway; young persons who CHOOSE not to buy health insurance; welfare recipients who are given free medical care; the homeless who voluntarily drop out of society (and still get free care when necessary)?  The left will never admit these are mostly the ones who are not insured and, no matter what, will continue to choose not to purchase health insurance. 


Dee STAFFORD 13 days ago
Let's just lay it out there with the bark off: OBAMA IS A MARXIST and one of Karl Marx's idioms was to have control of the nation's healthcare in addition to the education system.

When you understand Obama and the majority of Democrats are either Marxist or have fascists leanings and they salivate at any chance to control the lives of Americans, you understand why we are in the fix we are.  It's in their DNA.
Val White 13 days ago

The left has already taken over our education system evident by the many students who graduate from colleges thinking socialism/communism is a wonderful governmental system.

With the takeover of education and all forms of media indoctrinating and brainwashing not only American citizens but the illegals, the only thing left was taking control of the nation's healthcare. 

What these socialist lovers don't understand is that the socialist countries have done the very same thing to their citizens for centuries, they've never known anything else.  They've been told how evil and bad capitalism is.  These countries also have lax drug laws which helps to keep everyone happy and in line.  That's beginning to happen in the U.S. with the push to legalize marijuana, lessen punishment for drug possession and release so called "non-violent" drug offenders. 

Just add rehab to the list of things insurance should cover.

BRAD KYZER 13 days ago
Your paranoid, ego maniac leader has lied himself into a big mess. It's a beautiful thing to watch.
Angie Hicks 13 days ago
What lie to you have any proof of, Mr Kyzer?  And unless you are not a US citizen, Trump is YOUR President too.
Bill Pinot 13 days ago
You mean Obama?  He's no longer the President!!!
chas cushman 13 days ago
Brad, even if what you say is true Trump is STILL 1000X better than the lying, America hating, racist piece of camel dung he replaced. Obama's 'Dreams from My Father' was the hatred of Great Britain, especially Churchill, the USA and white men.
Maurine Meleck 12 days ago
I would hope that every person knows more about their own bodies than their doctors do.  If one maintains a healthy lifestyle, it's better to never have to see a doctor.  But when you do, be sure to be careful whom you pick.


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